Sikhala dismisses GNU as an elite pact yekuda kudya

Zengeza West MP claims that his family is under attack

 *By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala
We will never accept elite political pacts for the benefit of few politicians. Any attempt to seek another GNU will be resisted by the citizens. Citizens want their grievances to be attended to, short of it, the season of people’s action is upon us. No one will buy into a pact *yokudya* . Politicians have a tendency of looking at their immediate stomach interests.
Zimbabwe needs institutional and democratic reforms. The 2009 to 2013 GNU taught us a big lesson. It’s only the elite who will be hobnobbing among themselves when we all suffer. Everyone needs happiness, opportunities and a society of equality among all. STOP salivating greedy politicians. It is the season of citizens. Theirs is not a selfish agenda. They want a Zimbabwe of today and tomorrow that will guarantee an irreversible future for generations to come.
The 2009 to 2013, did not solve the problems of the citizens. We could have all been happy today but we are still in the struggle to fight for the good of our nation. Even the constitution which is being talked about is being shred into pieces. Zimbabwe needs a permanent solution. A permanent solution is to keep the eye on the ball.
FREE Hopewell Chin’ono
FREE Jacob Ngarivhume
NO to CorruptionNO to Looting
NO to AbductionsNO to Torture
NO to all Forms of Gross Human Rights Abuses#ZimbabweanLivesMatter.
Honourable Job Sikhala is spokesman of J31M and Zengeza MP

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