Video: Chamisa ruled out of Zimbabwe political matrix

Embattled MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa is thin on strategy, but thick in insulting perceived internal political enemies


The Professor of World Politics at the London School of Oriental and African Studies Stephen Chan, recently said Chamisa seems to have run out of strategic ideas on the way forward and basically, the MDC has fallen apart.

“I said some time ago that Chamisa should have been decisive and rebranded and registered that part of the MDC under his control. He wavered and an unedifying dog-fight began. Basically, the MDC is not only falling apart, it has actually fallen apart. It cannot challenge Zanu-PF in this current factional state.

Professor Chan further ruled out Chamisa from the Zimbabwean political matrix saying he has lost his drive and his strategic energy.

“Zanu-PF must be delighted that the opposition insists on opposing itself. Chamisa seems to have lost his drive and his strategic energy,” said Professor Chan.

Professor Chan’s sentiments were also echoed by the United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean political analyst, Mathew Kunyeda who described the leader of the MDC-Alliance formation, Nelson Chamisa as a power hungry politician who holds no conflict resolution skills.

Kunyeda said good leaders are identified by how they resolve internal and external conflict and the manner Chamisa handled the MDC internal conflict pitting him against Thokozani Khupe exposed him as  a selfish power hungry politician who only wants things that satisfies his political ego.

“How can Chamisa commit to a genuine dialogue with (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa when he willingly and unwittingly fails to dialogue internally with Khupe and (Douglas) Mwonzora. He is power hungry. Good leaders are identified by their conflict resolution prowess,” said Kunyeda.

Another analyst, Luckson Manda said Chamisa is an egocentric leader who does not deserve to be a player in Zimbabwe’s politics.

“If Chamisa cannot unite small factions of MDC, how will he unite the divided Zimbabwean masses? He is an egocentric leader who should not be near Zimbabwe’s politics,” said Manda.

Chamisa is being blamed for shunning the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform which brought all Zimbabwe’s political leaders together to proffer ideas that can see the development of the country.

Chamisa continue to insist that he won the 2018 presidential elections, despite official figures released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) clearly showing that he was thumped by President Mnangagwa.



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