Mnangagwa now hanging on borrowed time

Zimbabwe Former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo


The military, who led the coup that ousted Mugabe in November 2017, seems likely to play an ever more prominent role in government – as indicated by Tuesday’s appointment of former army chief to the post of health minister.

“Mnangagwa cannot be safe. It would be insane for him to think he’s safe. There’s no doubt he has lost the confidence and support of the military,” said Jonathan Moyo, an exiled former minister in Mugabe’s government.

“This is now a clueless, corrupt, incompetent government. The economic meltdown is deepening. There’s no coherent approach. People are on their own,” he said.

“Mugabe had his own problems, but people never felt there was no government. With Mugabe gone, we now see in action the real forces behind his [Mr Mnangagwa’s] reign – the machinery of violence, the military,” said Mr Moyo, arguing Mugabe was a “restraining” force, and that the current government had quickly squandered all international goodwill.


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