Video: KZN Bishop spewing xenophobia from the pulpit

Ugly face of xenophobia shown here as a South African knifes to death, Sithole, a Mozambican nationals. Picture: Sunday Times


A Durban Bishop, Vusi Dube of Durban Central, is preaching xenophobia from the pulpit.

Bishop Vusi Dube of Durban Central

In a video recording, which went viral on social medial, Bishop Dube openly spewed xenophobic views while preaching in Pietermaritzburg.

In the video, the Dube, who is also an ANC MPL in KZN legislature said, “this city [Pietermaritzburg] is dirty because ‘ama kwere kwere’ [derogatory term for foreigners] have taken over this city like never before.

Pietermaritzburg is in KwaZulu Natal province which has been a hotbed for xenophobic violence including in 2015 and 2019.


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