Ali Mahommed throws Henrietta Rushwaya under the bus

Gold bars


When Henrieta Rushwaya was arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport where she was found with 6kg of gold destined for Dubai, she told Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detectives that she was carrying the gold on behalf of one Ali Mahommed.

When he appeared in court yesterday, Mahommed denied claims made by Rushwaya that the gold belonged to him.

Through his lawyer Tinashe Robin Tanyanyiwa (Snr), Mohammed said the documents found on Rushwaya with his company’s stamp could have been forged.

He said he does not have anything to do with the smuggling saying when Rushwaya was arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, he was home playing with his children.

He said:

He was not at the airport and was not found with gold or any gold despite being subjected to three searches by three different teams of police officers from two different departments of the CID in a space of four days. During the occurrence of these developments, he was at home playing with his children. If he was involved in smuggling, on the day in question when he was at home, what did he smuggle and where?

The Herald reports that Ali’s application challenging his placement on remand is expected to be heard on Monday.

But who is Ali Mahommed?

Ali Mahommed is a Pakistani national who is the director of a company called Ali Japan786. The company is based in Geneva and has offices in Japan and Zimbabwe.

Ali Japan786 which is located at No.32 Lanark Road, Belgravia in Harare, buys and sells secondhand vehicles. Apart from the secondhand car business, the company according to its owner, is licensed to buy and sell gold.

Ali Mahommed through his company buys and exports gold from Fidelity Printers with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe paying him through off-shore accounts.

–The Herald


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