Chinotimba never caught me naked, having sex, wife

Zanu PF funnyman, Hon. Chinotimba embroiled in a messy love triangle


Embattled second wife to Zanu PF legislator Joseph Chinotimba, Locardia Dzitiro, is demanding that the MP should follow culture and tradition by giving her a token of divorce if he wants to end their marriage. 

This comes after Locardia was caught red-handed with her lover at the Belvedere Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) on Tuesday.

In a follow-up interview with the local publication, H-Metro Locardia insisted that the MP never caught her naked or having sex with her lover and says that the Shona custom must be followed.

She is also demanding that the Buhera South MP should take her back to her parents and do the divorce as per tradition.

“There is nothing like divorcing a wife at a police station,” said Dzitiro.

“If he no longer loves me he must give me a token of divorce and leave me in the hands of my parents.

Locardia Dzitiro, MP Joseph Chinotimba’s Second Wife

“He never caught me naked or having sex with that man the way he wants his relatives to believe.”

” They interrogated me with the assistance of his sister who never attended the funeral of our child only to appear at the police station to force me out of the house.

She also said that they have not given her time to take her belongings.

“They want to remove my property in my absence as if they caught me at a lodge,” said Dzitiro.

“We were in the company of two other men and the car was parked by the roadside but his sisters are spreading falsehoods.

“Midziyo yangu haibviswe mumba mangu ndisipo uye ngavatevedzere tsika dzechivanhu kwete kuita zvinhu muhasha nemufungidziro,” she said.

iHarare reported on Wednesday that Locadia justified her actions because the MP ignored her and she is not getting the satisfaction she needs as a young woman.

She says MP Chinotimba spends most of his time in Buhera.



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