Drama as Moana’s father disappears with burial order

The late Moana Mimie


Michelle ‘Moana’ Amuli’s death has been so far characterized by the drama that has rocked from the moment of her death until now.

The late socialite and video vixen  burial which was initially set  to take place yesterday at Zororo Memorial Park in Harare did not  proceed  as planned after her father Ishmael Amuli allegedly disappeared with the burial order while other family members were waiting to take her body from Parirenyatwa Hospital mortuary to Doves Funeral Parlour

Speaking during an interview with The Herald, Moana’s maternal uncle Austin Chimedza revealed that Moana’s burial might take longer than expected as the Amuli family had vanished with the burial order at Parirenyatwa Hospital.

“We now do not have any burial arrangements because we wanted the body to be taken to Doves but the Amuli family disappeared with the burial order. We had come to a truce and everything was in order and we thought the burial was going to take place today (yesterday).

“We are now waiting for him (Moana’s father) to come back to us and tell us the day of burial, but we are not burying her tomorrow. We are waiting to come to another arrangement with the Amuli family,” he said.

After disappearing with her burial order Moana’s father was later asked by police to come to an agreement with Moana’s maternal relatives. However, when he went back to Parirenyatwa for talks with his in-laws, he found them gone.

“The Dongos have not called us. We are at Parirenyatwa. They are the ones who are causing problems despite playing no part in raising this child.

“If they do not pitch up, tomorrow we take our daughter and go with her straight to our mosque in Belvedere and bury her,” he said.

The burial of the late socialite and fitness bunny had been deferred again to Friday after the family had come to an agreement. However, due to the latest incident, it seems not likely the burial will take place today as the family is still uncertain of Moana’s final resting place.



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