ZINARA welcomes 100% increase in tollgate fees

A tollgate at West Nicholson


Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) public relations and marketing manager, Tendai Mugabe, said the recent increase in tollgate tariffs will enable road authorities to execute their duties efficiently.

Mugabe made the remarks after the Government gazetted new tollgate tariffs which will see tolling fees for light motor vehicles that fall under class one rise to $120 up from $45, among other adjustments. He said:

This adjustment is meant to ensure that we make meaningful disbursements to our road authorities.

We believe that this will go a long way in improving our road infrastructure. We are approaching the rainy season a period where most of our roads get damaged in terms of erosion and potholes.

This adjustment means that we will be ready to repair our roads at the shortest possible time.

Mugabe also said ZINARA has put in place security systems to ensure that public funds that it handled were not abused.

–The Herald


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