Jonathan Moyo cuts Fadzayi Mahere down to her size

, Fadzai Mahere


All is not well in the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance as that party’s spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere and Chamisa’s de facto advisor Professor Jonathan Moyo clashed on Twitter yesterday.

The public spat between the two emanated from Moyo’s recent article where he said that “the political opposition in Zimbabwe, particularly the MDC, is stuck in the middle: between making news headlines and making reform headways has been the bane of opposition politics in Zimbabwe as far back as one cares to remember.”

This did not go down well with Mahere who said Moyo should not accuse the opposition of lacking political strategy, as he was part of a “repressive system.”

“You participate in creating a repressive system, then sit back and blame those who strongly opposed you for “not reforming” it? One day, Zimbabwe shall be free. Let’s keep pushing,” said Mahere in response to Prof Moyo.

Mahere’s tweet infuriated Moyo who responded that Mahere should not act like a super MDC-Alliance member as she was a beneficiary of ZANU PF’s benevolence. Moyo accused Mahere of being more Zanu PF than MDC.

“You’re the last person to play “holier-than-thou.” I fought in the same corner with your father, as he lavished you with Zanu PF privileges,” retorted Moyo.

One Twitter user Anold Muchiriri said it was good for Moyo to remind Mahere that she benefitted a lot from ZANU PF.

“It was about time that someone reminded her (Mahere) of how she profited from Zanu PF privilege. Sometimes people forget the advantages they have enjoyed to get them where they are. Not many people understand how far Zanu PF privileges have propelled some of these people,” said Muchiriri.

Mahere is viewed as an outsider in MDC whose appointment to be the Party ‘spokesman shocked Machinja structures to the core. Mahere’s MDC membership is in doubt as she never publicly joined the party, after contesting the 2018 elections against the Party candidate. It is a Party constitutional requirement to be a member of the MDC for five years before being considered for a senior post. Chamisa however appointed Mahere in clear contravention of the constitution of the Party which he was sworn in to uphold.

Terrence Dzuda said the spat between Moyo and Mahere was a sign that the unholy alliance between the MDC-Alliance and G40 was coming to an end.

“The spat between the two is a sign that the relationship of MDC-Alliance and the G40 is coming to an end. Mahere is the spokesperson of the MDC-Alliance so whatever she says is a reflection of the beliefs of that party. The truth is that the MDC-Alliance is now fed up with Moyo who usually imposes himself as a non-hired advisor of that party,” said Dzuda.

Since 2017, Moyo has established himself as an advisor and strategist of the MDC-Alliance. However, members of that party are allegedly not happy with Moyo’s influence on Chamisa. They accuse Chamisa of shunning advice from the MDC-Alliance National Standing Committee in favour of Moyo’s advice


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