Mwonzora raids party coffers behind Khupe’s back

MDC T Treasurer Chief Ndlovu


MDC T Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora reportedly diverted $300 000 from the company accounts of the MDC T without the knowledge of the party’s leader, Newsday reports.

According to the publication Mwonzora working with the finance director Tody Mapingire paid the money from the Political Parties’ act into one of their lawyers’ account reportedly to assist the lawyer after a bereavement.

A party member on Friday reportedly reported the case to the Police and Highlands Police Station recorded the fraud case under RRB4586626

The MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Chief Ndlovu confirmed the case and said:

It is true that the only person who was supposed to make payments of any nature from the party coffers is the treasurer as you have been aware. I am, however, not the only person with access.

I would like the party membership to know that I had no hand in the transfer of $300 000 out of the party account. The truth of the matter is that I only got to know about that transaction after it had gone through.

I only got the details of the transfer when I got into the finance and administration meeting. The secretary-general (Mwonzora) explained that he made the transfer and gave details.

This is now known to the party leadership and the whole standing committee to which the SG apologised and I am sure it is being handled by the leadership.

As your treasurer-general, I will always handle financial matters with honesty and trustworthiness.

When asked for comment Mwonzora at a press conference said he didn’t do anything wrong and he was following the party’s constitution:

Periodically, through the treasurer-general, the party provides financial reports to the national executive committee. Further, it is impossible for any individual to get money out of the party without the other leaders’ knowledge.

One of the rules in the party is that when it comes to internal elections, individual candidates source their own funds and are not funded by the party. The reports coming from the social media are simply part of a smear campaign against some candidates and have to be dismissed as such.


Khupe’s spokesperson said the development was concerning:

I am not sure of what really happened regarding the $300 000, but I am sure I will get the full details during the next national standing committee meeting. What we have are statements from the secretary-general and the one from the treasurer-general. The statements are at war and the contradictions are a worrying trend that we should look at during the next meeting. It is a big cause for concern

The MDC T will hold their court-sanctioned congress this coming weekend.



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