President Mnangagwa promotes more than 500 cops


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promoted 515 senior and junior police officers stationed in Bulawayo and Matabeleland South provinces.

The promotion comes after the president had recently promoted over 1000 police officers. The officers were promoted as follows in Bulawayo:

  • 479 officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Police Protection Unit (PPU) and the Daily Uniformed Branch (DUB) were elevated.
  • Of those, 52 were Inspectors who were promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector.
  • 123 were promoted from Sergeant to Assistant Inspector
  • 282 Constables were elevated to Sergeants.
  • 22 were elevated from Sergeants to Sergeant Majors.

A similar event took place in Gwanda, the provincial capital of Matabeleland South Province.

  • 36 police officers stationed in the province were conferred with new ranks of Inspectors and Chief Inspectors.
  • 1 officer was promoted from Sergeant Major to Assistant Inspector,
  • 27 were promoted from Assistant Inspector to Inspector
  • 8 were promoted from Inspector to Chief Inspector.

In a speech read on his behalf by Assistant Commissioner John Simon during the conferment ceremony, Comm-Gen Godwin Matanga said:

While your promotion today reflects due recognition and incentive for your individual hard work, its main thrust is that it is an investment vehicle in which the organisation is planting seeds of hope in your career.

As such you are expected to remain forthright, exemplary, visionary, firm, fair and professional among other attributes and expectations synonymous with the ranks you now occupy.

Above all the need for you to become role models to your peers and subordinates as well as paragons of professionalism in the communities you serve cannot be overemphasised.

He also urged police officers to shun corruption, uphold morality and good ethical conduct.



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