Shingi Kawondera comforts Ex Wife Marry Mubaiwa as her health fails


Former Zimbabwe National Football Team player, Shingi Kawondera has taken to social media to comfort his ex wife Marry Mubaiwa.

This follows after the latest revelations that Marry Mubaiwa’s health is failing.

Shingi Kawondera Comforts Marry Mubaiwa As Her Health Fails
Shingi and Marry in happier times

Shingi Kawondera took to social media to lend his support to Marry, asking people to pray for her and stated that he has faith that she will live long to see their daughter Destiny get married.

Shingi Ras Kawondera

Last week Marry Mubaiwa had to attend court on a stretcher bed, after arriving at court in an ambulance.

Marry wheeled in court

The courts had issued a warrant for her arrest after she failed to turn up for court, however, the warrant was canceled, after it emerged that she had been incapacitated due to poor health.

The doctor treating Marry Mubaiwa revealed that she sufferers from lymphoedema.

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition that causes fluid retention in the body’s lymphatic system, leading to swelling in the body’s tissues which explains why Mary’s feet and hands are swollen.

The doctor also highlighted that Marry has deep lacerations on her hands, which were caused by the infamous Bulawayo bomb blast.

At the zenith of his footballing career in Cyprus, Shingi Kawondera was married to Marry Mubaiwa, who was a model then.

Shingi Kawondera

Marry went on dump Shingi Kawondera for VP Chiwenga, who was the military boss at the time.

Shingi Kawondera accused Marry of abducting their daughter Destiny, who was 2 years old at the time.

Shingi also alleged that Marry then connived to change Destiny’s birth certificate to her maiden name Mubaiwa and thereby cut him off from accessing his daughter.

He also claimed that she duped him off a hospitality business company that he had invested in, as well.

However, it seems Shingi Kawondera had forgiven Marry for the past because she is the mother of his child.



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