Pupil dipped into faeces to look for principal’s phone


The community of Elundini in Eastern Cape is writhing in shock after a principal lowered a pupil into a pit toilet to retrieve a missing phone.

The 11 year old boy emerged from the pit latrine covered with faeces making him a subject of mocking and redicule from other learners.

The Lututu Junior School Principal who paid the minor a R50 for the efforts has been suspended over the shitty incident.

It is reported that the principal, who was using the toilet, accidentally dropped his phone and then sent the boy to search for it.

The pupil’s grandmother, 74, who cannot be identified to protect the child, said when her grandchild came home from school on a Monday he had a funny smell.

She said she learned about the incident from the boy’s cousin who is also at the same school who told her that the principal called a group of learners to use buckets to take out faeces from the toilet to make it easier for the boy to get inside.

She said her grandson was allegedly told to take off his pants and only leave his underwear, a rope was tied around his waist and he was given two hand gloves to search for the phone.

The boy did not manage to get the phone, but the principal gave him R50.

Education MEC Fundile Gade said it is beyond disgrace that such an incident on inhumanity can be claimed against a school principal who is generally viewed as a parent and a mentor by everyone in the community.

The Sowetan Live reports that the principal has been served with a precautionary suspension while the investigations are continuing.

Gade said the department sent officials to the school and they were going to work closely with the family in providing all the necessary support.

—Sowetan Live


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