Grace Mugabe’son’s bouncer threatens Herald reporter

Grace Mugabe, former first lady


An associate of Russell Goreraza, son to former First Lady Grace Mugabe manhandled and snatched away a cell phone of The Herald Mashonaland Central Bureau chief Fungai Lupande as she took pictures of Goreraza and his co-accused after appearing at Bindura Magistrates’ Court this morning.

The incident happened at the court’s parking lot as Goreraza (37), Paul Sithole (45), Aaron Muchenje (31) and Trymore Madzitire (36) were leaving the court after their court hearing.

“As they left court, I started taking pictures when a man who is not part of the accused persons charged towards me and grabbed my hand before snatching away my cell phone.

“He ordered me to delete the picture, before scrolling my cell phone which was not locked. After failing to locate the pictures he threatened to smash the cell phone to the ground or remove all the data. Attempts to get back the cell phone were fruitless as he went into his vehicle with it and threatened to leave,” narrated the distraught journalist.

“I then approached the lawyer who was representing Goreraza and his co-accused who demanded to see my media identification.

“Upon producing the document, he intermediated between me and the man. The lawyer, whose name I failed to get, asked me to delete the pictures because the man who was “aggressive” was not part of the case.

“I turned down the request and as the man handed back my cell phone he said, ‘Now I know who you are. If these pictures are published, you will see what I will do to you. I won’t hesitate.”

A report was made at Bindura police station.

— Herald


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