ED needs tsvimbo yenyika to fix national problem, Mliswa

Temba Mliswa


Firebrand Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has said that the President of Zimbabwe need to have the “Tsvimbo ye nyika” (sceptre) if he is to govern well and avoid challenges. According to Mliswa, this is because Zimbabwe is a very spiritual country and unless the spirit mediums are happy the country will not progress as hoped.

Mliswa seems to be addressing the sensational claims made by former President Robert Mugabe’s exiled nephew Patrick Zhuwao. Zhuwao claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his administration are behind the summons given out to former first lady Grace Mugabe to attend a village court called by Chief Zvimba.

Chief Zvimba declared that Mugabe must be exhumed and reburied. He also charged Grace with improperly burying Mugabe at his family home in Zvimba and fined her 5 cattle and a goat for going against cultural and traditional rites.

Zhuwao claimed that this is all part of an elaborate ploy by President Mnangagwa’s administration to try to get their hands on the Tsvimbo Ye Nyika which Mugabe had and which some suspect he may have been buried with.

According to Zhuwao, the Tsvimbo ye Nyika gives its possessor the authority to be the ruler of Zimbabwe and will fix some of the country’s issues such as the struggling economy.

Temba Mliswa who is a vocal supporter of President Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared to buttress Zhuwao’s claims about the tsvimbo. He intimated that if the claims are true that the leader of the country does not have the sceptre, then it explains why the country is facing so many challenges.

Writing on social media, Mliswa said:

In our culture, the issue of tsvimbo & handing it down is very important. Much as there’s a lot of westernisation, our country is still very spiritual. So for as long as Spirit Mediums aren’t happy, as a country we’ll not get where we want to be. They feel they’ve been neglected.

Spirit Mediums played a major role in the liberation of this country and yet lack the requisite recognition. We acknowledge the church during National prayer days, and thank them for occurrences like good rains, but not “masvikiro”, when will they too be thanked?

As the 1st born boy in our family, when our father passed on, ndakapiwa tsvimbo; it’s an important aspect of our culture that can’t be ignored. So if a father passes on and leaves their son tsvimbo, what’s more, a country when a leader dies? Surely he should pass one on too?

If we’re saying as a leader, tsvimbo hapana, then there’s something lacking and hence many of the challenges being faced today.


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