Cleansing ceremony turns ugly as prophet gets bashed for caressing married woman


A cleansing ceremony turned sour after a prophet was given a thorough beating by the husband of a woman whom he was allegedly caressing, claiming he was trying to get rid of evil spirits tormenting her.

The incident which is still the talk of Inyathi Business Centre in Matabeleland North province happened a fortnight ago B-Metro reports.

It is reported that Lenox Mathe became upset with the way Clayton Mutasa, popularly known as Madzibaba Munana, was delivering his wife Marymore Ndlovu from an undisclosed ailment.

According to a source who spoke to the publication, Mathe, who was following proceedings of his wife’s cleansing from a distance, became angry, went straight to Madzibaba Munana’s shrine and assaulted him.

This was after he noticed that Madzibaba was inappropriately touching her breasts and private parts.

While beating Madzibaba Munana, Mathe was reportedly heard shouting that it was unacceptable for the prophet to touch his wife’s priv_ate parts just for prayers.

He assaulted Madzibaba Munana with fists and kicked him all over the body. The prophet was later rescued by members of his congregation who rushed and held Mathe.

Madzibaba Munana, however, defended himself saying he was being led by the Holy Spirit to do what he did to Mathe’s wife.

He further said he had since filed a charge of assault against Mathe at Inyathi Police Station, but investigations by the publication revealed that a report of such nature was never recorded at the police station in question.

Madzibaba Munana is no stranger to controversy as sometime in 2019, he courted the wrath of some of his congregants after one of the female congregants claimed that he persuaded her to play with his manh__ood after she had approached him seeking spiritual healing.



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