Gumbura’s wives remain posthumously faithful to him


Robert Martin Gumbura’s 11 wives have remained  faithful to the clergyman even after his death and vowed not to remarry, his brother has revealed.

Gumbura who was serving a jail term after being convicted on rape charges, died of Covid-19-related complications at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison aged 65 recently.

The Sunday Mail reports that the late Gumbura’s second wife and family spokesperson, Queen Bunga said her husband’s death came as a shock.

She said his family was not informed that he was not feeling well and up to now they are still trying to come to terms with the fact that he is no more.

We Will Not Re-Marry: Wives Remain Faithful After Gumbura's Death
Robert Martin Gumbura: Image Credit: Sunday Mail

His brother, Innocent Gumbura said

“We got a call from prison officials the night before his (Gumbura) death, asking us to bring some medication for him. Unfortunately, when we delivered the items the following morning, he was already dead.

The publication also reports that Gumbura’s death has naturally led to growing questions on the fate of his 11 wives, 33 children, church and various businesses and properties he left behind.

His firstborn is 38-years-old, while the last is aged eight.

The total number of assets is yet to be ascertained but includes 11 houses, several church buildings, a mine, a farm and a fleet of more than 20 vehicles. Nothing has been distributed yet.

Innocent also said:

“The family is still collecting all his personal belongings from his various homes around the country, bringing them to his Harare residence. Likewise, we have asked all the wives to temporarily move to Harare so that we do things as a family at once.

Gumbura’s wives are still united despite their husband’s death and according to Innocent, all the wives have vowed not to marry again.

“It is us the siblings who seem worried, but the wives are fine, they are united and they stand together as they have always done. They have vowed that they are not going anywhere.”

The publication reports that before passing on, Gumbura said he did not mind if his wives decided to move on.

“By the time I leave this place, I will be very old, so I cannot be selfish to force them to wait for me; they are free to remarry if they wish,” he said then.

We Will Not Re-Marry: Wives Remain Faithful After Gumbura's Death
Robert Martin Gumbura. Image Credit: Sunday Mail

The late Gumbura was convicted in 2014. He was initially sentenced to 50 years in prison, 10 of which were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

By the time of his death, the RGM Independent End Time Messages Church founder had served nearly half of his reviewed sentence.



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