Opposition party consults spirit mediums

Njelele Shrines


THE recently-launched Conservative Zimbabwe party has consulted spirit mediums and elders at the Njelele shrine in Matobo to enhance its chances of winning the 2023 polls.

Conservative Zimbabwe president Patrick Matsinhanise confirmed the party officials’ visit to the Njelele shrine.

“The visit was to consult elders and the spirit mediums of this country. That was our entry point. We believe this country is led by our great grandfathers and wisdom is the key point,” Matsinhanise said.

“Spirit mediums provide answers to the challenges the youths are experiencing, such as jobs, child marriages, theft of livestock and rape.”

Matsinhanise added: “Our visit to the shrine was important as conservatives because we are promoting culture. Culture unites all nations. We had a great opportunity to chat to the elders of the community who advised us on many aspects of leadership with special focus on traditional and community needs,” said Matsinhanise.

Party secretary-general Star Nkanyezi Ndlovu said they also engaged the youth for better ideas.

“For the youth, the meeting was very beneficial and significant as we had to gather their views on how to improve their lives as well as the importance of political participation,” said Ndlovu.

“As political players, the visit was paramount as it gave us the opportunity to understand politics within the community as well as learn about community challenges.”

The party is targeting to recruit one million voters before the electoral campaign window is announced next year.



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