The world’s 10 richest men land in Vic.Falls


THE Mighty Victoria Falls was the first stop for a group of 10 wealthy businesspeople from across the world who are on a 12-day private holiday and tour of Africa as they landed in the resort town early this morning.

The tourists were aboard a private jet run by ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet and are on a trip dubbed “The Greatest & Safest Safari on Earth.”

The trip aims to be an adventure for people who want to see Africa. From Victoria Falls the group will visit the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Kenya’s Great Migration and the world’s last wild mountain gorillas in the forests of Rwanda until August 29.

The identity of the rich men were not released. None of them were keen on granting media interview. Neither are they also interested in meeting government officials.

ROAR AFRICA chief executive and founder, Ms Deborah Calmeyer and two of Africa’s most prominent safari guides Dr Ian McCallum and Humphrey Gumpo are hosting the group in partnership with a local tour operator and hotelier.



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