Violent Clashes rock a Zanu PF Meeting in Banket

A Charging Zanu PF activist


ZANU PF officials came close to trading blows at a recent restructuring exercise in Banket after the youth leader charged at the district chairman, who is also a local councillor as factional fights in the ruling party reach a crescendo

Never Hutepasi, who is the Banket district chairperson and Ward 22 councillor, was also targeted for attack as the party youths accused him of being an MDC Alliance agent and traitor bent on ensuring the ruling Zanu PF lost in the 2023 national elections.                   

Youth league chairperson Steven Zidana threatened to physically assault Hutepasi after he was angered by his Hutepasi’s response on a request to give Zanu PF youths jobs.

Zidana had request for the councillor to arm-twist a construction company carrying out the government’s emergency road rehabilitation programme in Banket to give jobs to Zanu PF youths.

However, in response, Hutepasi said the contractor had been engaged by central government and not by the local council, hence they had no capacity to influence recruitment processes.

Said Hutepasi: “We cannot force a private player to employ anyone, but we can only make requests if they have vacancies.”

The response riled Zidana who then charged towards Hutepasi and started insulting him.

“You are very stupid! How can you bring the MDC way of doing things in Zanu PF? Do you want the party to lose elections? I personally will not allow you to do it, you are also a thief,” charged Zidana.

The unsanctioned meeting, which was nearing its end, saw police officers arriving and dispersing the gathering.

The former revolutionary party is currently carrying out its restructuring exercise that will see the party conducting district and provincial elections ahead of its annual congress to be held in Bindura, Mashonaland Central province in October.

The impending internal polls have created serious divisions, infighting and factions within the governing party.

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