Former Herald Editor survives horror accident in SA

The Wreckage where Zimbabwe senior journalist Ray Mungoshi crawled from after being involved in an accident


Zimbabwean journalist and former editor of The Herald, Ray Mungoshi on Sunday night survived a horror crash in Gauteng province, South Africa.

Mungoshi said he was alone and driving towards Johannesburg when his Isuzu truck veered off the road and somersaulted in Randburg.

“The car is a write off, I am lucky to be alive,” he told NewsDay yesterday.

Mungoshi, who is now based in Bloemfontein, South Africa, said his car’s brakes failed and he found himself off the road.

“I am was driving down hill, brakes failed and the car landed in ravine on its wheels,” said Mungoshi.

He worked for the Zimbabwe Information Service in Bikita and Gutu before joining The Herald, where he became editor before leaving for the academia.



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