Malema: ‘Voting for the ANC is beyond witchcraft’

EFF CIC Julius Malema


EFF leader Julius Malema urged people to register to vote if they want better houses instead of ‘matchboxes’ without electricity. File photo.
Image: Alaister Russell/Sunday Times

EFF leader Julius Malema has lashed out at citizens who continue voting for the ANC, claiming “no person in their right mind” would vote for the ruling party.

Speaking during a campaign rally held in Gauteng over the weekend to urge people to vote in the upcoming local elections, Malema did not mince his words.

He claimed voting for the ANC would not bring change and the EFF was the only party that cared about the poor.

“The ANC is dead,” Malema said.

“We may have to pray for you because this is beyond witchcraft.

“You are not working. Your children were arrested fighting for free education, but you still wear yellow T-shirts and vote for the ANC.”

He urged people to register to vote if they want better houses instead of “matchboxes” without electricity.

“You stay in a shack. You applied for a house since 1994 but you continue to vote for the ANC. Are you well in the head?” Malema asked.

“Our people must have houses, not matchbox houses. Our people’s homes must even have passages. They must have inside bathrooms and not be like you are on a special trip when you are going to the toilet.”ADVERTISING

He said when you give a “poor person a house, you are restoring the dignity of that person”.

Malema urged parents to tell their children to register to vote.

“Parents, tell your children that you don’t want children who are not registered to vote in your houses. We can change the problem of drugs by registering to vote.

“You must leave drugs. No-one has ever been successful because they use drugs,” said Malema.

He said his party, whether it wins or loses, won’t stop campaigning for change and working for the poor.

“Whether the EFF wins or loses, I’ll never get tired. We must not be obsessed with winning but liberating the minds of African people. We must be obsessed with the betterment of the lives of African people,” he said.



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