Woman left with $3,100 dinner bill after her date refuses to pay for her 23 family members


A blind date went horribly wrong, after a woman was left with $3,100 dinner bill when her date refused to pay for 23 family members she invited

An elaborate scheme to test the generosity of a blind date backfired for a Chinese woman in a costly manner.

According to reports reaching iHarare, the man only identified as Mr Lui and the woman (name not supplied) were set up on a blind date by the former’s mother who wanted him to meet someone nice and hopefully settle down.

However, on the day of the blind date, the woman reportedly invited 23 family members on her blind date to test the generosity of the man she was set to have dinner with.

Mr Lui got the shock of his life when his date arrived with 23 members of her family and expected him to foot the bill for all of them.

Initially, Mr Lui had agreed to pay for the date for two, but everything changed when she brought her entire family to the dinner date.

She tried to finesse her date into paying for her entire family but instead, he left her (and her family) with the incredibly large $3,100 bill after telling them they should pay, and they refused.h

In an almost similar development, three slay queens from South Africa were humiliated after their blesser went AWOL on them.

The three ladies were reportedly arrested after they failed to foot their hotel bills.

The guy who was supposed to take care of the bills left the hotel and never came back.

Video footage of the three ladies in handcuffs trying to apologize to the hotel manager after failing to pay the required amount went viral on social media.


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