Zimbabweans Fume Over Obadiah Moyo’s Acquittal

Former Minister, Obadiah Moyo acquitted of any wrong doing


Zimbabweans have been left fuming over the recent acquittal of former Health and Child Care minister Obadiah Moyo who was facing corruption charges.

Moyo was being accused of illegally approving tenders worth US$60 million in the procurement of covid-19 personal protective equipment and test kits.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, who was arrested for exposing Moyo tweeted:

“As I told you when Obadiah Moyo was charged, the case by the State was made deliberately weak so that it failed. Even a 1st year law student would have told you that.”

Opposition Transform Zimbabwe party leader Jacob Ngarivhume also tweeted: “Obadiah Moyo being set free was not an accident. Extending Chief Justice Malaba’s tenure was not a mistake. Suspending by elections is not a mistake. Appointing high Court judges who support the regime is not a mistake.

One Jonathan also said: “The Obadiah Moyo and Gift Konjana cases just left me feeling defeated. zanu just does as they please and the system is captured beyond any doubt. For how long this lawlessness should continue…?”

Another Twitter user identified as Mabika Simbi said: “Can we say it’s because of sanctions when Obadiah Moyo and the top brass looted US$60 million Covid-19 donated funds. The Donor needs answers because it’s as clear as a goat’s behind when the President’s son was involved in the disappearance of the donation.”

Wild Orchid added: “We don’t have a justice system in Zimbabwe, we don’t have a constitution in Zimbabwe, we don’t have a country as Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe belongs to the few elites who controls everything. One day we will have to arrest all these judges for their hand in state capture.”

Chikova Munya also said: “If stealing US$60m hardly constitute a criminal offence then Zimbabwe is a wonderful place to live.”



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