She has two husbands and now wants two more

DOUBLE MARRIAGE: Emma Nguwo who is happily married to two men


In a tale that could rival strange film scripts, a Seke woman is living with two husbands and is still not satisfied. She needs too more to quench her appetite for men.

Emma Nguwo, a nurse by profession said she was giving her two husbands equal feminine opportunities.

The rare relationship has sent tongues wagging in Seke and has been a subject of discussions in the local communities.

“A number of people have been talking behind my back that I have two husbands,” said Nguwo.

She adds: “I am not prepared for the story to go public but thank you for seeking my comment. It’s unfortunate that one of my husbands has left for Chitungwiza in Unit D where he has a house.” She did not disclose the name of her first husband.

Added Nguwo: “This one is my second husband and his name is Robert Musakanda.”

Nguwo revealed that he has a seven year old child with his second husband and four with the first.

She added that her first husband was living in South Africa when she got married to Musakanda.

“Musakanda is a loving husband,” she said.

She maintained that Musakanda knew her marital status when they agreed to marry. She said Musakanda knew very well that her first husband was in South Africa.

The first husband who had been in South Africa for 13 years eventually came to stay home to join his wife and Musakanda.

“Yes, people have been saying a lot about us and I have the intention of adding one or two husbands if time permits.

“Havashamiswe naizvozvo chete asi nekuti ndinomwa doro nemurume wangu uyu mubhawa zvisibgaitwe nemadzimai mazhinji.

“Inini naMusakanda tisu tinomwa doro.”

Nguwo however said her husbands were not free to have other wives as she wants them to herself alone.

Musakanda also confirmed his wife’s story. He said he accepted the co-husband at his house as per arrangement with their wife.

“Villagers have been keen to hear more about how we are living but I do not like that, this has nothing to do with them,” said Musakanda.

“Nguwo disclosed everything about her life when I met her and I liked that. She was honest.”


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