Justice Wadyajena faces political demise

Justice Wadyejena, Gokwe MP flashing his ritzy car


..as Gokwe Zanu PF supporters vow to give him a boot in 2023

Flamboyant Gokwe Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena’s political career is facing its end as Gokwe ZANU PF members have declared that the end has come for youthful MP. Members of ZANU PF reportedly converged in Mayor’s back yard and openly declared the end of Mayor’s career. The part structures in his constituency are now backing another candidate for the 2023 Parliamentary contest.

Wadyajena was fingered in a road fund scandal which angered Gokwe residents after they discovered that Wadyajena had a tender to fix the roads in Gokwe and yet had not done anything.

Gokwe residents also cried foul when they learnt that their MP had imported an expensive vehicle and had not paid any duty on the vehicle thereby prejudicing the state and beneficiaries of taxes who are the people of Zimbabwe.

Wadyajena has lived a lavish life in Borrowdale Brooke where he partied and enjoys his millions while his constituents are left reeling under tough economic conditions , no roads , no electricity, no access to water and no accountability of the Constituency Development Fund CDF.

Gokwe ZANU PF members are calling on new leaders and new representatives in Gokwe who do not include Justice Wadyajena. In a video watched by Zimbabwe Observer party members clung in Zanu PF regalia sing a war cry saying “Zva Mayor zvatopera.”


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