Uproar Over Dr Amai’s Presiding Of Hwange State Conference

Zimbabwe First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa


Revelations that First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa will preside over the official opening of the Elephant Conference in resort Hwange this Thursday has got internet users on the micro-blogging Twitter platform talking.

Government spokesperson Ndavaningi ‘Nick’ Mangwana invited an uproar on his account when he captioned the First Lady’s picture, saying:

“Today is the Official Opening of the ELEPHANT CONFERENCE in Hwange. The First Lady, Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa is presiding.”

As the outbursts from local Twitter users amplified, Mangwana was forced to clarify, tweeting:

“The @ZimFirstLady is the Wildlife Ambassador and Patron. She is one person who has visited many victims of Human Wildlife Conflict and appreciates the depth of the problem.”

We have selected some of the responses to Mangwana’s post, below:

Ummm… why is she the one presiding?-

Khulisani Ndlela @kndlela55

Auxillia is presiding over an official State function as who? Is this an “Angel” of Hope charitable event? Why is Zimbabwe being reduced to a Precabe farm proprietorship?- Cde Never Maswerasei @CdeNMaswerasei

Is she now acting President or a minister or what- Tadisa @tadisaishe01

Something so very wrong here. Looks like we back to that era where first lady is above everyone else in cabinet and civil service!- max musikati @MMusikati

The power she now has is sexually transmitted- Destiny Kudakwashe


Ko zvinei na First Lady nhai??? Don’t we have responsible ministers??? Kuda attention here???MahwiteMahwite1


So Dr Amai the 2nd is presiding in which capacity, does she have an official position, because “first lady” title is not constitutional, in fact it was coined by Dr Amai the 1st,– Gonye Mukototsi


Izvozvi ma buyers e ivory tusks are already lined up. Nzou dzopedzwa manje.– Edwin


Kanti uFirst lady is she in Gvt? To be a First Lady is it a position In Gvt in which one earns salary. Can she legitimately preside over Gvt business?– Emahatshahatsheni


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