Revealed: ‘Killer’ was not Moreblessing Ali’s lover

Moreblessing Ali


THE late Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member Moreblessing Ali’s alleged killer Pius Mukandi alias Jamba wanted to flee the country after committing the heinous crime, a Harare magistrate’s court heard yesterday.

Jamba (31) appeared in court yesterday before magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

According to police investigations, after committing the crime, Mukandi fled to his mother’s home area in Hurungwe’s  Chidamoyo area.

Mukandi wanted to sell a grinding mill to raise transport money to Zambia or Mozambique, but was later arrested with the help of the community who got wind of his presence.

It also emerged from the investigating officer identified in court as A Dimimbo that Ali was not Mukandi’s girlfriend, and that it was the first time for Mukandi to see the deceased.

After Ali’s body was discovered on June 11, government officials described the murder as a crime of passion after it emerged that Mukandi was in the company of a cousin, Simba Chisango, who is said to be a well known Zanu PF terror gang leader in Chitungwiza.

Police also issued a statement saying the murder was not politically motivated as the two were allegedly lovers.

Mukandi was remanded in custody to July 1, and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

The accused, who was not asked to plead, told the court that he needed a lawyer.




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