Why is July Moyo not yet arrested?: Mliswa

U-TURN: Minister July Moyo drops Pamona deal as HC digs in


These cases that are sprouting about corruption involving Local Government Minister are very serious. For some reasons Government is not showing determination in dealing with these cases.

Why should the Commissioner General of the Police wait for someone to make a formal report of these cases. These are cases where the National Prosecuting Authority must spring into action as soon as they sniff them.

If these organisations cannot protect the public from corrupt officials, particularly Ministers, then we are doomed.

Circumventing the tender processes must understandably be done in emergency procurement situations. Minister Moyo’s modus operandi seems to be of misleading Cabinet in awarding of contracts to his cronies.

Alternatively, he abuses his position in forcing councils and giving orders to his proxies. In his world there are no limits as to what he must do. The most worrying thing is that he is openly conflicted and he is not bothered at all.

Besides, the institutions that are supposed to rein in on Moyo, one wonders why he has the temerity to do such acts in the full glare of his appointing authorities. The question becomes, is Moyo doing it with the blessings and authority from his superiors??

If not why are they not acting? One can only imagine how difficult it is to investigate a serving Minister. This compromises the investigations and one cannot rule out intimidation, interference etc.

Our Government architecture is such that Ministers get seconded from the party and in this case Zanu PF. Under normal circumstances one would expect Zanu PF to be making the most noise regarding Minister Moyo’s corrupt tendencies but they’re mum.

Is it because the party has embraced corruption as a way of life? How do they expect to stand in front of the masses with such a dirty image. Not even a petty thief would like to marry a corrupt lady.

Our National mantra that Zimbabwe is open for business does not make any sense in light of these rampant issues of corruption. No investor will be comfortable with Government Ministers who disregard their own governance rules.

This is painful because it’s being done by one of our own. The international community will paint us all with the same dirty brush. The excesses of one individual must not supersede the rights of all well meaning Zimbabweans.

Govt must instill confidence in the people especially as we are approaching elections. Where is the Uchena report? Have we done what the Motlanthe report stated? All these are confidence busters. Gvt needs to reinvent it’s image.

The Pomona Waste to Energy Projectis grossly overrated and over-priced as a power generation project but Gvt is acting like it’s all normal.

For your information, the peak load for Harare is about 500MW, and that plant (15MW) cannot supply the suburb of Eastlea at peak loading. The purported cost of $240M for 15MW is scandalous beyond belief.

Below are comparative projects that could be constructed and commissioned with $240M USD:

1) 100MW coal fired power plant,

2) 250MW solar plant

3) 120MW hydro power plant (mini Kariba).

You can see how such a plant shouldn’t cost more than $30M!


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