21 learners expelled for sneaking into girls’ dormitories


TWENTY-ONE Form 4 pupils were expelled from Lower Gwelo Mission High School for allegedly sneaking into the girls’ dormitories on the night of September 21.

A source told H-Metro that 13 of the learners have since been reinstated following interventions by their parents, while eight remain suspended.

The suspended learners include both boys and girls.

The incident at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church-run school triggered mixed feelings, among the parents.

Sources said the parents, whose children were not allowed to return to the school, were unhappy with the move.

The school’s headmaster, Alex Mazula, said everything had been referred to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

“Everything has been submitted to the Ministry through the District School Inspector, thank you,” Mazula said.

One disgruntled parent, whose child remains expelled, said they were not happy with the decision taken by the school.

“It’s surprising that eight remain on expulsion because their parents are vocal against the school’s unreasonable opinions.

“Favouritism was used in the decision,” said the parent.

Another parent said:

“I am affected as a parent. Why would they bring back vamwe vachisiya vamwe?

“Those were brought back through unscrupulous means.

“Ours were expelled because we argue with their opinions.”

Another parent said although something wrong was probably committed, the punishment was inappropriate, and the way the matter was handled is shocking.

“It was unjust because only eight out of 21 pupils were expelled.

“It was stated that they are being expelled because their parents are talkative and against school leaders’ opinions,” said the parent.

“We have been complaining a lot about the happenings at the church-run institution, but it seems the leaders there are a law unto themselves.

“Why would they expel a child about to write exams?

“Why fight the parent at the expense of the child? This is traumatic and pathetic.”

Another parent, said:

“Imagine chasing away a girl child into the night in a bushy place like Lower Gwelo Mission at around midnight?”

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