ZEC releases polling station figures


ZEC has also published a list of the 12,374 polling stations distributed as follows:

Bulawayo: 434
Harare: 1,559
Manicaland: 1,623
Mashonaland Central: 1,107
Mashonaland East: 1,420
Mashonaland West: 1,507
Masvingo: 1,416
Matabeleland North: 920
Matabeleland South: 721
Midlands: 1,667
ZEC Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba confirmed that 6 623 511 people have been registered to vote in the elections. She also confirmed the following categories of participants in the elections:

Presidential Candidates: 11
National Assembly Candidates: 518
Independent Candidates: 64
Local Authority Candidates (sponsored by political parties): 4,648
Independent Local Authority Candidates: 266

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