I will never ask for forgiveness from ED: Kasukuwere

DISQUALIFIED: Saviour Kasukuwere


ED’s bullets missed me and why should I beg for forgiveness?

Former ZANU PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, said that he will not apologise to the ruling party or President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and seek readmission into the party.

In a leaked virtual address to his supporters, Kasukuwere, who is in self-imposed exile, said he is available to lead if members invite him to do so. He said:

I am not one who must be expected to go on my knees to beg for forgiveness. I think there has to be maturity on all angles to say you cannot expect one who was also victimised, should I go and say I am sorry because you missed me? No.

We have been man enough to accept that some of these things must be handled in a much more mature way. There are no crybabies.

Kasukuwere said he was not a coward and will not hesitate to lead if “the people” ask him to do so. He said:

Do not be in too much haste for you might even meet more challenges in the future.

We still have time, we still have our eyes on how to resolve our question as Zimbabwe. There is the issue of the security of individuals.

There is an issue with how all the processes we are proposing should be handled.

I want to assure you comrades, I am not blind to your discussions. I am aware I have taken this extraordinary step for the first time to say, yes we are leaders, I am available as one of the comrades if people say come and lead I will not hesitate to do that. I am not a coward; I am not a fool, and I am not scared to do that.

I have given this address for the first time because no leader must impose himself on the people.

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