All dictators dictators die miserable deaths

Honorable Job Sikhala, MDC A Vice Chairman, respected agent of change, whose political stature has grown in leaps and bounds over the years


By Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala
Let you be reassured dear Zimbabweans, that all dictators in their different level of evilness died sad deaths. Even cruel Kings against their subjects faced the same fate. So let this be a warning to ED and his acolytes. You are expediting your sad death by fighting everyone including the church and servants of God. From the Napoleon Bonaparte period all the way to modern history all dictators died miserable deaths. Let me give you the list you quickly remember.

1) Mobutu Sese Seko
A ruthless dictator who killed anyone opposed to him on his way. A looter who looted Zaire and bought the most expensive Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland and stashed his loot which was more than the GDP of Portugal in Swiss banks. He died lonely in Morocco. Frail and homeless. No single Zairean drop a tear for him after they chased him away like a dog. He died in a country no one even noticed him or talk to him. He was rejected for exile by the whole world and spend days in a ship in the Atlantic Ocean waiting for the signal of which country could have accepted him. Morocco under heavy diplomatic plea from the USA finally accepted him on the condition that he will be confined in his own room talking to no one on the outskirts of Rabat.

2) Hastings Kamuzu Banda.
The man who made everyone to believe that even if you think bad about him heading cattle in the bush he will know about it and will kill you. A man who put Section 9 in the 1966 Malawi Constitution that “Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda will be President of Malawi for life”. A man who threw his opponents into crocodile infested ponds. Like Mnangagwa’s new Feret, Kamuzu Banda had the Malawi Young Pioneers who were roaming everywhere waiting to pounce against anyone opposed to him. Malawians drove him out of power in 1994. Even at the frail age of 107 years Malawians took turn to hound him. One of the largest law suits against a deposed dictator happened in Malawi. He died a sorrowful death isolated and a paltry gathering of mouners of John Tembo and Mama Chadzamira attended his funeral. All the frightening power was gone, isolated and haunted.

3 ) Sani Abacha
The man who liquidated my namesake Ken Saro Wiwa and 9 other Ogoni social movement activists, who assassinated Moshood Abiola for winning Presidential elections, the man who took Olesugan Obasanjo to prison waiting for the goul died mysteriously in the company of 4 prostitutes of Indian origin. He was hastily buried by pockets of power mongers who wanted to quickly instal Abdulsalam Abubakar as the interim President to transition. No one mourned him. There was wild outbreak of celebrations in Nigeria on the announcement of his death.

4) Muammar Gadaffi
One who loved to call himself Leader of the Great People of Great Jamarihiya. The country l had the privilege to visit as a Student leader at the University of Zimbabwe in 1998. I was in Tripoli and later taken to Misurata. Episodes of murder against his opponents was whispered allover. People could not discuss anything about his name. In hotels were we stayed his agents were allover the place. Phones for everyone bugged. His name not allowed to be said or discussed anywhere by anyone. Fear was written on the face of anyone if you would ask as an innocent foreigner how his rulership was. I felt pity when l saw him retrieved from a trench flowing water and killed like a rat. His body taken to Sirte where anyone who wanted to spit on it could do as he or she likes.

5) Idi Amin Dada
The conqueror of Scotland and the King of the British Empire. Would shoot at his pleasure anyone suspected of not supporting him. Every soul in Uganda should quake on his sight. Bombed the whole village near Lake Victoria exercising bombing apartheid SA out of power. An estimated 600 000 people are said to have been killed through his recklessness. He was driven out of power and flew into Saudi Arabia in the Middle East where he died a lonely death. Ugandans even refused his corpse to be buried in Uganda.

6 ) Saddam Hussein
His two sons Uday and Qusay would arrive at the middle of a wedding. Took the wedding bride. Have sex with her. Return her to the wedding gathering and tell the groom to continue with the wedding ceremony. He fumigated the minority Kurds with chemical weapons and killed 300 000 in two weeks in Northern Iraq in 1992. He killed several thousands of his opponents. He was retrieved from a hole. Bearded like an ape with USD 700 000 on hand and we all know how he died. In a hole, dirty, pathetic and sad.

Part 2 to continue tomorrow.

Honourable Job Wiwa Sikhala is the Spokesman of 31st July Movement


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