Zimbabweans dismiss Chamisa on social media as a coward

MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa told to shape up or ship out


The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is trending today after he had made his stance known when he addressed his followers today and did not say what some were hoping he will say. Many a Twimbo have been imploring the MDC Alliance leader to organise protests and demonstrations against the government to force it to reform and respect human rights and fix the deteriorating economy. However, the firebrand politician has made it clear that he prefers peace and is still calling for a dialogue with the ruling party.

Some of the Twimbos who were not happy with Chamisa took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and here is what a few of them said:

Cruel Sankara

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Honestly tired of Zimbabwean activists who call people to riot but won’t show up to lead the riots. The chamisa complex. In all honesty chamisa should lead protests and should be in jail next to Hopewell. Imagine the level of international outcry and impact that would have it.

Geroge Chinyande

But Chamisa does not want to go to Polad merely bcoz Madam Dr Khupe is there too. Imagine Dagi wins at Congress & steals part of the remaining Chinja thunder & later on Chamisa accepts Polad out of desperation many pple will think it was male chauvinism.


It’s the masses that are suffering let’s stand and fight, Job was on the forefront look now he is on his own, the regime is waiting for Chamisa to say something then the courts will silence him for good, he needs to be smart

Lameck Zisengwe

Without equivocations, another leader shall emerge from the dust of Zimbabwean soil. Not to expect Chamisa doing something substantial politically never. Zanu pf has his number now. Haachatsukunyuke besides issuing press statements. Handizi kutuka kwete asi analysing zvangu.

Arthour Mapato 

Pple think that being jailed or thrown to jail is strategy. Do u think they care that u r in jail.Tsvangirai was beaten, imprisoned n what did u do abt it, akafa asina kuiitonga wani. Chamisa need a different approach to this game,…Zanu blivs that death is e solution to prblms

Nyasha Chingono

For me l don’t mind the queue if it’s a worthy candidate. Chamisa failed me when he didn’t speak up on time when Hopewell and Jacob were arrested. That to me says he cares a lot about his position than the greater good. They will never smell my vote. #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

Curlin Muganhu

In other terms Chamisa said “I am not going to lead an ill-fated uprising from the front and risk joining Hopewell, Ngarivhume and Sikhala behind bars, you are on your own.”..We can’t blame him, he is being rational and realistic.

Cy Mba Gwese 

I know a lot of people don’t want to hear this But Chamisa haana ka Plan #fact

Prof Reddington

No revolution has ever been successfully undertaken without leadership! If MDC wants Zimbabweans to stand up for their rights, they must not beg for donations from us!

NdlovukaziChamisa abdicates his leadership role because of fear 1) Hwende should stop asking citizens for donations 2) Chamisa should not expect to be handed presidency when the citizens triumph on their on.However, some Twimbos fought in Chamisa’s corner and said


Chamisa is heavily compromised and can never raise a finger against Zanu PF without risking arrest for his land scandals. He has stands in all over.

Robbie Muti 

Lead by example! Inda mberi tione. Hopewell is in prison right now what did you do to liberate him nekusatya kwako. If Chamisa calls for war,ane masoja here to start with! Nehugwara hwatinahwo ihwohwo who is ready to fight yet you yeah you expect Chamisa to hold a gun.


Zimbabweans:- “Chamisa is hiding, please give us a signal” Chamisa:- “Protesting is a God given right” (Gives signal) Zimbabweans:- “#ZimbabweanLivesMatter #FreeHopewell #FreeJacob #FreeJobSikhala #FreeKura


Chamisa is spineless, he must hand over leadership to brave people.


So yall going to act as if you didn’t hear Chamisa‘s conference yesterday,ok carry on #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

Samkeliso Tshuma

Before we talk about Gidi which l don’t subscribe to,we need to educate pple on People Power. For Zimbabwe to be better,it needs all of us to stand up and understand that the power to change is with us,the pple. Waiting for Chamisa&the MDC Alliance will not cut it. #ZanupfMustGo


Ini hangu I’m for MDCA. I love this party. I have faith in its leadership. It’s unfortunate that my party is under the oppressive regime. President Chamisa is our way to go. His hands are clean. No blood , no corruption. Mdca for change that delivers

Hazvinei: Yes, Nelson Chamisa is more of a selfish elitist leader who is more interested in his comfort than everyone else.



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