ED risks, isolation, embarrassment, bad departure, warns ZIST

ZIST Boss Tinashe Muzamhindo


Tinashe Muzamindo who is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST has penned the following piece in which he warns President Mnangagwa that he risks suffering the same fate as his predecessor President Rober Mugabe, of being ousted by his own deputies or trusted friends.

Muzamindo opined:

When I looked at Nick Mangwana speaking, I simply said it’s all about pleasing his master, scrambling for few pieces falling from the master’s table, when I listened to George Charamba, he was spitting venom, remember this is the same George who was very close to Mugabe, the same guy who would pretend like he was in Mugabe’ s pocket, and he would defend him at any cost. Today, he is called Jamwanda, and this propaganda when the drama comes, they won’t be there to rescue you, all they do to conclude your journey in State House, is to laugh at you and say ” We tried our best, takambozvitaura.

When I listened to Patrick Chinamasa, speaking from Zanu PF Headquarters, he was speaking like someone who is eyeing Finance Ministry for a second chance, all he could say is to defend anything which anyone can never justify. Let me categorically state it clear Mr President, all these people are simply doing it for their own supper, but deep down their hearts they are aware of what is right and wrong.

When you risk international isolation, you are out of the game, there are powers that you need for credibility, funding and diplomacy, and you cannot easily ignore Ramaphosa or South Africa, and get away with it. Patrick Chinamasa, when he Finance Minister, he was the same guy who would pump and heep praise on Former First Lady Grace Mugabe and the Former Zimbabwe leader, and he would go rogue and out of his way to praise Mugabe, on the very day of the military coup, he was already a changed vessel, in Highfield grounds, the same guy was now attacking Grace and Robert Mugabe in front of the whole world. Today, the same Patrick has run besserk attacking anyone who is perceived to be Mnangagwa’s opponent. President Mnangagwa be very careful with such characters, you need sound people around you, who can tell you the truth. Remember, these words.

Chinamasa, was the Finance Minister, he sat next to Mugabe, he would brief Mugabe on all budgets, before making an official move. We have Jamwanda , if you remember very well in AU meeting around 2008, he would go for a kill, when Mugabe was told by International media to step down, he nearly had a fist fight with some International media personnel, fighting for the former Zimbabwe leader.

South Africa envoy which Ramaphosa dispatched to Zimbabwe, was supposed to meet all key players in Zimbabwe. They were supposed to be briefed by everyone on the current situation. Ramaphosa appointed a special envoy as a response to the International outcry as a result of the popular hashtag ” Zimbabwe Livesmatter”, perhaps it was his last ditch to save his counterpart. Alas, the envoy left for South Africa without meeting anyone except Mnangagwa and his few cronies who declared ” There was no crisis in Zimbabwe”. My worry is those around you, who are feeding you with wrong information.

I listened to Lindiwe Zulu, the respected International Advisor, who openly castigated Mnangagwa. I listened to ANC leaders who openly told Mnangagwa about issues arising in their neighbouring country. This clearly shows the Zimbabwe leader is being isolated on International platforms. Think about this twice, why you are now being isolated from the whole International community. Nick and others can try their best, they have to sing for their supper, behind their back, they know exactly what is happening.

Let me say, you risk international pressure, and at the end, you risk sad departure. Remember, you need a legacy, a name, and you wouldn’t want to be remembered for a sad ending. You would love to be remembered for the good cause, you would want a situation where the council would seat down, or the local Government name roads after you, and you would love to have a farewell party, and bid your comrades a good farewell. From my own perspective, the route you have taken, I don’t see you getting to all this mantra. People one-day will reach a national consensus and it will be a sad day for you. This was an opportunity to redeem your name, and cleanse it from all the prejudice ( 1980 – 2017). It was an opportunity to redeem, and resemble the best.

Last but not least you can’t ignore all these groups and get away with it:

1. Zanu PF your own party

2. ANC and South Africa

3. Main opposition ( Alliance & Nelson Chamisa)

4. Africa Union

5. Civic society and other groups

6. Ordinary Zimbabweans

7. EU and other International partners

8. Former Regional leaders like respected Ian Khama

9. Church leadership

10. Special envoys dispatched by respected regional leaders

“Ane nzewe dzekunzwa anzwa”

Solution focused Thinking towards the current trajectory is the way to go. It is necessary for us to have mindset transformation to deliver the best for our country.

Tinashe Muzamindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking



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