Miller brings mealie-meal to the doorstep


Chronicle Reporter
A GWERU-based milling company has launched an initiative to sell subsidised mealie-meal at the doorstep of its customers targeting mainly health personnel in Government hospitals, members of the uniformed forces and vulnerable families.

The company, Brainman Investments, trading as DCK, yesterday rolled out its programme in Bulawayo and delivered several bags of subsidised roller meal at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH), Mpilo Central Hospital, Ingutsheni Central Hospital as well as in Cowdray Park where 3 000 residents managed to access the commodity.

The programme, which was rolled out six months ago, has so far seen nurses and doctors in Bulawayo, Harare and Gweru, police and soldiers across the country access the subsidised roller meal at $63 per 10kg bag.

Brainman Investments accountant Ms Portia Chikoora said more suburbs in Bulawayo are set to benefit under the programme.

“We are working with police and councillors in this programme of distributing subsidised mealie-meal to communities and hospitals. Yesterday, we brought bags of mealie-meal for doctors and nurses at UBH, Mpilo and Ingutsheni hospitals and this is something that we do as and when they request us to supply them with the mealie-meal,” she said.

“Primarily, we are saying it is important to reach out to remote communities and it also helps in decongesting the city centre as they won’t be any need for people to queue in shops in town.”

Ms Chikoora said since nurses and doctors spend a lot of time at work, her organisation felt there was a need to give them first priority by delivering mealie-meal to hospitals.

She said every Thursday, they will be delivering bags of mealie-meal to hospitals and suburbs in the city.

“We shall conduct this programme every Thursday, focusing on different suburbs so that people have access to the subsidised roller meal. We brought a consignment of 3 000 units for Cowdray Park residents and each person was buying one bag so that they don’t profiteer and disadvantage others since the mealie meal is affordable,” said Ms Chikoora.


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