ED is allocating to himself my vehicles, houses, farms, Mzembi

Exiled former Zimbabwe Minister Walter Mzembi


Speaking from his South African base, soon to be extradited former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi said President Mnangagwa was ill-treating him to the point of seizing his property and allocating them to himself and his family members, New Zimbabwe reports.

Speaking to the publication Mzembi reportedly said:

I have suffered immensely from his ill-treatment ranging from repossession of my farms, an attempt at my houses, repossession of my conditions of service vehicles. One of which I am told he personally allocated to himself and subsequently to a family member,

Mzembi said he was sceptical he will survived the continuous attack from President Mnangagwa’s administration because he is a cancer survivor:

I am not sure if anyone can survive health-wise from this assault which includes frequent bashing by state media just to mess my reputation. I am a survivor of cancer and he still wants to incarcerate me after declaring me an enemy of the state on two different occasions. So weaponising extradition treaties against opponents is just a step further from the harassment he has been meting out on me and others but our dispute is only political.

Mzembi said he tried to reach out to President Mnangagwa but to no avail:

My advice to Mnangagwa is he must unite Zimbabweans and stop this pursuit of citizens with differing opinions and political views to his. I reached out to him on the 27th November 2017, he snubbed me. I wrote to him in January 2018 and he replied with arrests. I reached out again to him in September 2018, he dispatched a Ferret team to abduct on the 19th of September. He has a consistent pattern of replying rapprochement with intense hostility”

Speaking about the possible extradition being organised by the state Mzembi said:

When he (Mnangagwa) ran away to South Africa in 2017, who extradited him? He had many criminal dockets that have since been shelved under his watch. He comes out to me as an angry president and that anger blinds him to perform state duties, principal among them is uniting Zimbabweans. So, I summed up my situation and concluded I was best away from home on a political sabbatical.

–New Zimbabwe


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