Neglected UBH saved Chiwenga’s life after an appendix rapture



While touring United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH), Vice President and new health Minister Constantino Chiwenga told the panel he was touring with how his life was saved at the United Bulawayo Hospitals, the Chronicle reports.

Chiwenga said his appendix ruptured and doctors at United Bulawayo hospitals saved him. Said the Vice President:

I am fond of this hospital because I got saved here many years ago. I am grateful UBH is now developing and this is where my life was first was saved way back in 1983 and if you go to your records you will find that you cured somebody who had ruptured his appendix. I think I was the second survivor for this condition.

The VP also said the Hospital has to change some wings’ that still bare some pre-colonial names and replace them with the names of some Zimbabwean heroes and said:

I have seen some names which I think need to be removed and replaced with names of our heroes and heroines. We had our own heroines such as Queen Lozikeyi Dlodlo who was hanged from a tree at Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue.

The VP also addressed the issue of salaries for health workers during his UBH tour and said:

First and foremost, we are concerned about the conditions of service for our health workers. The salaries are not a solution to the conditions of service. We will address the issue of accommodation and transport. We want to address the issue of security in our hospitals as quickly as possible

UBH is one of Bulawayo’s biggest referral Hospitals.

–The Chronicle


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