Video: Wife busts husband while marrying another woman

Staff Reporter
LUSAKA —- A legally married Zambian man who connived with relatives to leave his wife and children and set up home with another woman — more moneyed than his wife — had his plot thwarted at the 11th hour.
His wife, Caroline Mubita, busted them in a Catholic Church at Kabwata Site in Chainda, Lusaka, while the priest was in the middle of solemnising the illegal union.
She barrelled into the church, with their children, in tow, and shouted at the top of her voice for the priest to stop.
“Father, stop!” she shouted, “this is my husband! We are not divorced. We are not separated. He came here from home. We even slept together last night,” she said.
Some relatives tried to calm her down but she would have none of it and went straight to where the priest was, at the same time encouraging their children to do the same.
The embarrassed husband, Abraham Muyunda, was reduced to a mere spectator as proceedings came to a screeching halt and attendees unceremoniously dispersed.
Muyunda who works for Zambia Revenue Authority at Head Office has been married to Mubita for years and they have three children. The would-be bigamist Muyunda left home in the morning claiming he was going out of town with work. He wanted to marry his new rich woman then immediately leave his wife and children for South Africa, where the unnamed woman is based.
Sympathetic neighbours tipped off Mubita and she immediately hired a taxi, bundled her children into the car and got there at the nick of time to stop her husband from committing bigamy.
Last night, however, Muyunda was at Matero Police Station, not in a honeymoon suite, as the police were yet to decide whether or not to charge him with any crime.


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