Ginimbi’s glittering riches eluded his father, neighbours


GENIUS ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s life and eventual death could have brought a lot of excitement in Harare but villagers in his market gardening community of Domboshava had a different view of the late businessman and socialite’s fast and flashy lifestyle.

Ginimbi’s father even told reporters in Harare Friday that he was in his son’s Lamborghini for the first time in his life.

The two lived a few hundred metres apart in Domboshava but rarely met and talked.

Despite several lavish all-white parties that were being thrown for friends at his mansion, it turned out no local villager ever attended one, let alone taste expensive food or even crumbs in any of the parties.

This is despite villagers sometimes spending sleepless nights being treated to a cacophony of loud music and excited screams coming from Ginimbi’s mansion.

The parties were only attended by the who-is-whos in the country and a few fortunate foreigners.

Those who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com said the late businessman’s imposing mansion surrounded by dilapidated mud, pole and thatched houses of poor villagers, his fleet of flashy cars, splashing money on beer revellers at Mverechena shops, was what made him popular as opposed to him being the said generous man.

“I do not think there is any neighbour here who will stand and say if it was not for Genius, I could not make it,” said Sekuru Wilfred Muchana.

“The lucky ones only picked dollars that he threw, through the window of his flashy cars and sped off heading to Harare.”

Another villager said he did not want much from Boss Ginimbi for as long as he was the lucky one on the day to pick the bank notes splashed by the flamboyant businessman.

“It was his money and why would I demand the lion’s share, as long as I managed to pick a dollar or two to buy my super (opaque beer).

“Where and how he got his money, was none of my business.”

Another villager, Cleopas Pasipanodya said Ginimbi had no local friend.

“Ginimbi’s friends are from the city and outside the country. Parties were held and no local village ever attended it or even ate crumbs from the several parties,” he said.

“Dirty from our fields, we just envied the convoy of cars that went in and out of the mansion, our air was decorated by braai meat and good food being ate there.”

Pasipanodya also said Ginimbi’s neighbours had no idea over how the latter’s mansion looked like from inside.

The life, pattern, and style of the late, how he acquired his wealth, conspiracies and myth, unanswered questions are going with Ginimbi six feet into the earth as he gets laid to rest as mansion, Saturday; but rest assured he will not soon be forgotten anytime soon.

-New Zimbabwe.com


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