Ginimbi’s Malawi friend finally laid to rest


Genius Kadungure’s friend Limumba Karim who died in the Rolls Royce freak accident on November 8 along Borrowdale road has been laid to rest today in Malawi.

Karim, a controversial fugitive businessman, Mozambican model Alichia Adams, and video vixen Michelle Moana Amuli were burnt beyond recognition when a Rolls Royce which was being driven by popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure was involved in a horrific accident.

Following his death, the late millionaire and businessman Limumba Karim who was affectionately known as Karim Cazal received a grandiose send-off just like Ginimbi on the streets of Sandton in South Africa that included Italian sports cars, German Luxury SUVs, and British sedans among others.

His charred remains were only repatriated to Malawi yesterday after all the paperwork and DNA tests were carried out to identify him had been completed.

He is survived by three children, one in South Africa, a newly born in Mozambique, and one in Malawi.

Meanwhile, fitness bunny/ video vixen Moana is yet to be buried as her parents continue to wrangle over burial arrangements.  On the other hand, Mozambican model Alichia Adams remains were also repatriated to Mozambique yesterday but it is not yet clear when she will be buried as her family is still yet to announce.


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