Malawi magistrate releases Bushiri, wife

Shepherd and Mary Bushiri


Malawi Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba has ordered the release of Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary who were arrested based on South Africa’s provisional request to detain them pending formal extradition request.

Nyimba argues that his ruling is based on the legality of the arrest and not what happened in South Africa, which she said is a case for another day.

He has therefore ruled that the arrest was illegal.

The two who are accused of fraud and money laundering involving over R1 million fled from South Africa last week in violation of their bail condition.

The Bushiris argue that their lives are in danger in South Africa where the public is reportedly seeking to kill them.

South Africa wants them extradited to be tried according to that country’s laws.

Meanwhile, the preacher’s R5.5 Centurion property in Pretoria which was attached to the bail he was granted last week has since been forfeited to the state after he fled to Malawi.



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