Zanu PF MP threatens youths with police brutality for demonstrating against government


ZANU PF MP for Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe Prosper Machando has warned youths they will be beaten up if they dared protest against government.

Machando was speaking at Thursday’s National Association of Youth Organisations’ (NAYO) Youth Indaba in Harare.

“Adding a voice to national issues is not bad but very good so that we are heard, but the way we do it is questionable,” said Machando.

“If the government says demonstrations are not allowed, they are not allowed and if you demonstrate, you will be beaten up and arrested.

“I cannot lie to you that for you to be heard, you have to demonstrate.

“We cannot lie to you so you praise us here when we all know if you get onto the streets, you will be beaten up.”

Fellow MP (Vungu) Omega Sibanda said journalists who chose to behave like activists will “face the wrath of the law”. He was speaking in reference to continued the harassment of journalists by the state.

“Some of these scribes have become activists. If you want to be a scribe, be a scribe. Once you want to join the two and become an activist, you will face the wrath of the law,” said Sibanda.

The Zanu PF led government has been on overdrive in a recent onslaught on the media.

Seasoned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has been in and out of remand prison on charges of inciting public violence and alleged failure to adhere to bail conditions.

This followed his earlier arrest July this year ahead of the foiled anti-government protests of July 31.

–New Zimbabwe


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