Domestic violence turns fatal, bloody vaginal

James and Linda Doyle


A woman in the United States of America has been arrested for murder after she allegedly shot her husband dead, and then stabbed herself in the privates numerous times following a heated domestic altercation.

According to prosecutors,  sixty-six-year-old Linda Doyle from Alabama stabbed herself in the vagina numerous times so that she could falsely claim self-defence.

She was arrested last week after a Baldwin County grand jury returned an indictment against her following a year-long, “thorough investigation” into the case, police said in a news release.

Doyle’s lawyer John Furman bemoaned the decision to charge his client with murder saying that she was also a victim in the case. He went on to say that on the fateful day, the Doyles had had an argument “over sexual demands by the husband and for the first time ever she said no.”

Linda Doyle went to bed that night and Furman says that’s when it happened. “She was attacked, stabbed multiple times in the vagina with a butcher knife, managed to get out of bed, retrieve a pistol that was in the home for self-defence, and then managed to shoot and kill her assailant, which was her husband.”

Furman went on to say that his client was a long-suffering victim of domestic abuse.

“It’s a tragic situation all the way around but the tragedy is only compounded at this point by trying to charge her with a homicide,” Furman said.

Woman Stabs Herself In The Privates After Shooting Husband Dead
Woman Stabs Herself In The Privates After Shooting Husband Dead

However, the prosecution is adamant that Linda stabbed herself as a way to escape criminal charges. Patrick Doggett, an assistant district attorney prosecuting the case told WKRG,

“Based on the evidence that has been recovered at this time, we don’t believe that Mr Doyle inflicted those,”

Linda was later released on $100,000 bond. Her next court appearance is set for Jan. 15, 2021.



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