Lupane woman stabs cousin over a boyfriend


A woman is facing murder charges after she stabbed her cousin in a nasty brawl over a man.

According to a report by B Metro cousins, Thandiwe Ndlovu of Jabatsha Village in Jotsholo and Samantha Sibanda exchanged blows after word got out that they were both in love with the same man.

As the story goes, Thandiwe Ndlovu who had been dating the guy in question for quite some time learned from the grapevine that her cousin Samantha Sibanda was having a fling with her man.

Rumors reached Thandiwe’s ears that Samantha was spotted on serval occasions with her lover at Lupane Business Centre.

A family insider who declined to be named said Thandiwe sought advice from her aunt who said she would talk to Samantha about the matter.

“Her aunt advised her that she will talk to her (Samantha) but l think Thandiwe felt her aunt was delaying and was boiling with anger,” the family insider said.

The family source claims that Thandiwe was impatient and wanted instant justice against her cousin.

Thandiwe reportedly confronted Samantha leading to a heated violent battle.

Samantha’s friend who chose anonymity said, Samantha, clobbered Thandiwe with clenched fists and stabbed her in the process.

“She tumbled on the ground. While she was on the ground Samantha stabbed her on the left hand with an Okapi knife,” she said.

Samantha who was now out of control was restrained by her friend and witnesses who were drinking alcohol and took her to a nearby police station.

While the injured Thandiwe was rushed to St Luke’s Hospital for medical attention.

Samantha has since been charged with attempted murder, a charge she pleaded not guilty to.

Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku remanded her in custody to Tuesday for routine remand.


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