Video: Makandiwa-Pastor J Israel fight, turns nasty as they expose their ‘fakeness’


In the latest episode of the ‘Battle of Churches’, Prophet Emmanuel’s stable seems to have drawn the last punch on the on-going skirmish the two ‘men of God’ found themselves in.

The two Zimbabwean church leaders found themselves embroiled in the ‘spiritual’ warfare that has seen them going back and forth, throwing jabs over each other’s “spiritual flaws”.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church has responded to Pastor Jay Israel’s claims that the UFCI leader had a second wife and was extorting his church members.

This after the self-confessed fake prophet, Jay Israel came forward to the South African CRL Rights Commission with an explosive testimony on how he and many other pastors and prophets ran churches as businesses by manipulating people and extorting money from them.

Events leading to the recent drama are such that Jacob Dube, who is popularly known by his church members as Pastor Jay Israel was ratted by his former Public Relations Advisor Thabisa Ralawe to the police and human rights commission for fraud and manipulating his congregants into sponsoring his lavish lifestyle.

It seems the self-styled fake prophet did not want to go down alone, but with a myriad of his fellow businessmen cum prophets.

Working in cahoots with Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ‘tormentor’, Blessing Mashangwa, Jay Israel announced on his Facebook page that he wanted to expose Makandiwa’s fakeness and his shenanigans.

Blessing Mashangwa made headlines a few years back when together with her (then) husband Hupenyu Mashangwa after they sued Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa over alleged false prophecies.

They then demanded a massive $6.5 million from the United Family International Church, but unfortunately, they walked away with nothing as fraud allegations against the Makandiwas were dismissed last year after the High Court said the claims were false, frivolous and vexatious.

Her name has once again popped up, this time claiming that she was once in an intimate relationship with Emmanuel Makandiwa and was a second wife before their nasty fight.

And that was what Jay Israel sought to expose, a week ago in his Facebook live.

But Makandiwa’s stable claims he failed to do so because of threats they made to the self-styled fake prophet and his lady friend, Blessing Mashangwa.

In an hour-long Facebook live, Makandiwa’s stable – through Evidence Chari claim they illegally sourced evidence that Jay Israel and Blessing were working together to come up with a lie they intended to expose on Facebook.

The said evidence contains an audio and video recordings of the two, J Israel and Blessing in a lounge, planning on how they wanted to expose Makandiwa.

Watch Video Below;


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