Man kills step-daughter for disturbing sex with the mother


BEITBRIDGE – A Beitbridge man is wanted by Police after he allegedly killed his three-year-old stepdaughter for disturbing him during foreplay with the mother.

Sources told Two Nations that Mlaleni Sibanda (35) of Makabane Village was having foreplay with his wife Siphatisiwe Dube (39) at around 3am. It was when he was just about to have sex with Dube when Sharmaine Moyo woke up and started crying and coming onto the mother.

This agitated Sibanda and he hit the baby several times on the head with fists before kicking her with his foot. The now deceased bled from the nose and mouth.

The incident happened last Thursday and the baby died on her way to the hospital.

Sibanda is said to be on the run and Police are looking for him.

Beitbridge Rural Ward 5 councillor, Elias Choeni confirmed the incident and referred Two Nations to the Social Welfare Department for further details.

Sources said Sibanda married Dube who had her three-year- old daughter with a man from Mberengwa. 

–Masvingo Mirror


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