Zimbabweans react to Mohadi’s se_xual scandals

VP Kembo Mohadi


The #Mohadi is trending on Twitter today after the Vice President was implicated in 3 se_x scandals which were unearthed by ZimLive in the past week.

Below are some of the responses to Vice President Mohadi’s scandals:

Pedzisayi Ruhanya

Who really is leaking these VP Mohadi phone calls within the system and what is the broader agenda because its not really that ZANU PF is against these abuses or that anyone there is clean. Why against Mohadi at this moment when everyone is even more dirty!

ZANU PF is muted, on silent mode on the behaviour of VP Mohadi because they are birds of the same feather – they flock together. We can dare throw the first stone in that leadership!

Suppose the CIO officer whose CIO wife had sex with VP Mohadi which some morons support, got angry, emotional and lost it, corked his gun and commit a high crime against the VP, the State, would VARAKASHI support the nonsense. This CIO husband is a good man. Well done

Suppose the VP Mohadi files were against opposition elements like @nelsonchamisa or journalists like  @daddyhope etc. Just imagine what VARAKASHI would do and say including state agents!

Namatai Kwekweza

We can not keep quiet. #MohadiMustResign The abuse of women in politics, judiciary, corporate world among other sectors is rampant. Our silence feeds this monster. I condemn the VP. He is a predator and I challenge every progress Zimbabwean to speak out and act against this.

The feminist and women’s movement in Zimbabwe is compromised with politics. It’s not so long ago that Chamisa grabbed a Microphone from his wife on stage and there was outrage. I remember statements being issues to condemn that. Why is there a reluctance to be as outraged about Mohadi?

I challenge the feminist and women’s movement to make a big deal about what the VP Mohadi has done to women. I challenge Zimbabweans to take a clear position on Mohadi. Powerful men need to know you can not get away with it.

Alex Magaisa

Ndaba(Nick Mangwana)  wasted a great opportunity to keep quiet. He does not know that the old chaps he is defending will read this as an invitation to treat

Tafadzwa Raymond 

From a moral perspective VP Mohadi is wrong. Should he step down? Yes! Should he be fired? Absolutely! But don’t lie to us that these women are victims! They are gold diggers who are asking him for money they know what they’re doing! Married women asking the VP to pay their bills

Sam Syamapena

Myself I believe the VP has done nothing wrong. He is a responsible man. He is trying to take care of those woman who are in need of due care. Woman need love and support. What would you expect your wife to do when you even don’t remember the last time you took her out for lunch

Sue Nyathi

As we weigh in on the VP Mohadi sex scandal involving his subordinate, let us be clear that is not a mere case of consenting adults having extra marital sex. It is about how power impacts consent.

The Vice President wields political power by virtue of his position. While he might not have threatened this woman, how comfortable would she have been saying no to sex knowing his position and influence and the negative consequences of not consenting??

Consent will always be complicated if one partner holds more power than the other. This is why we call it abuse of power because he is using it to gain sexual latitude which might not otherwise have been availed to him in the absence of the power.

Onias Mupfacha

VP Mohadi is committing the very crimes Martin Gumbura is serving prison for. Besides those leaked calls hw mny wman are suffering in silence? 

@nickmangwana  plz act. Wt is the gvt position? What is the diff between Mohadi & Gumbura? These are our daughters & srs. RT 4 AWARENESS

Thandekile Moyo

I’ve been thinking hard since VP Mohadi was accused of having an affair with a subordinate.

A lot just doesn’t sit well with me, But what has been weighing heavily on my heart, Is, To what extent are these women victims of a predatory boss? Is this abuse of office? #ZanupfMustGo

I think abuse of power, Is simply a question of, Are you misusing the power you have,

Are you abusing your office, Using it to lure/coerce women? It is becoming clear to me,

That whether/not the women consented, Kembo is abusing the power that comes with his office.


If the allegations are indeed true, Then clearly the VP is a predator.He is preying on women,

Over whom he wields authority, &Power. These women are without a doubt, Victims,& Must be awarded, The same support,& Protection, We give to all victims of sex crimes.


Heal Zimbabwe

It is disheartening to learn that VP #mohadi, the  Minister responsible for national healing & reconciliation is caught up in a series of sex scandals. This erodes public confidence in his capacity to lead this important Ministry 

Leonard Koni

When @nelsonchamisa grabbed a mic from his wife two years ago, there was an outcry from some women’s pressure grps accusing him of undermining women. Surprisingly the same pressure grps are silent on VP Mohadi’s sex predatory. What is good for the gander is good for the goose.

Rawlings Magede

In a normal country,VP #mohadi will do the honorable thing of resigning pending a thorough http://investigation.One is forced to doubt the whole healing and reconciliation process given that it is being led by someone implicated in all sorts of scandals 

Tino Mabwe

Oft times I feel like talking about the culture of rape within @HeraldZimbabwe

@SundayMailZim @HMetro_but wanna seek legal guidance from @Wamagaisa

on how to approach the issue. VP Mohadi is not alone in this. Its a culture in Zim and we not ready to fight it @advocatemahere

Skilled Rebhara

I think all those men who have wives who are working in VP Mohadi’s office there’s isipitipiti kkkk munogona makatodyirwa kare vakadzi na MoreHard, house girls, cleaners, secretaries, receptionist vese  vakadyiwa Heinz naVP. More-Hard weguchu

Tabisa Sibanda

Leaders should act as role models for workplace culture. If we expect our teachers not to have sexual relationships with students, we also expect school administrators not to have sexual relations with their subordinates.

Those in higher offices must also stop having relationships with their staffers. Yes. I am conveying this message to VP Mohadi and others through 

@InfoMinZW and  @nickmangwana Can we have some exemplary leadership? Please.

Dr Thompson Chengeta

The silence of the Gvt of Zimbabwe on exposè of VP Mohadi is concerning for a number of reasons: First and being the obvious, the nature of the scandal brings the office of the VP in disrepute & remedial action needs to be taken.

Second, there’re national security issues. Who intercepted conversations of the occupier of the Office of the VP? What else was intercepted? If the Gvt didn’t do it, then there’s a potential serious breach of national security & Gvt can’t simply bury head in sand

If it’s Gvt who intercepted private conversations of the VP & exposed them, then that’s serious violation of Constitutional right to privacy. Yes, VP Mohadi, disgraceful as  he is, has a right to privacy. This NOT support of the disgraced VP but the Constitution

I always refer to “A Man For All Seasons” when it comes to protection of constitutional rights even for those we disagree with: some may ask, “Now you give the Devil the benefit of law?” For our own sake, we must.

Chris Charamba 

We wrapped our hands on a leaked booty call purportedly had between VP Mohadi & his lover in which she cautioned the national exec he would overdose on an #aphrodisiac as he braced himself for some sloppy top w/ the twisty top combo


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