He is medical doctor by day, a sangoma by night

MKHULU Nkholo Seanego

He is a trained medical doctor by day but a sangoma by night


MKHULU Nkholo Seanego (37), also known as Dr Sangoma, is a qualified doctor and trained sangoma.

Seanego is mixing the two related professions even though they are worlds apart. The Cuba trained medical doctor uses a stethoscope by day at his modern surgery, but swaps it with bones at his grass thwarted consulting hut.

Seanego denied his ancestral gift for a long time but eventually couldn’t anymore.

He said soon after birth it was revealed to his parents he carried the gift of his great-grandfather and was to be named after him.

At the age of eight he could foresee things before they happened.

“My parents did an ancestral ritual so I could focus on my schooling, and for some years it worked,” he said.

After matric he studied medicine in Cuba.

“I was practising as a medical doctor and married with kids when I lost everything.

“I come from a family of traditional healers, but society taught me izangoma are bad.

“Then I realised they wanted my attention. I had no choice but to give it to them.”

He said when he went for training, he learnt that izangoma were just ordinary people with a gift to heal. He learnt that medical and traditional doctors could coexist.

Seanego said he’s been doing his job as a medical doctor quite well since he accepted his calling.

“Everyday before I go to work I communicate with my ancestors to guide me,” he said.

“Even when I’m going to perform surgery they guide me.”

— Daily Sun


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