Man marries, impregnates his own daughter


A Mutambara man has shocked his community after he impregnated his blood brother’s daughter. In a shocking cultural taboo, the two insist that they are in love and have been in a sexual relationship since 2019. The niece recently gave birth to the couple’s love child.

30-year-old Belt Chibuwe has since paid mombe ye Cheka hukama to his brother after his illicit relationship with his niece Mollen Chibuwe, 20, was exposed. Culturally, Mombe ye Cheka hukama is a cow that is used in traditional rites to sever familial relationships. Belt also paid a further two beasts to his brother.

Belt and Mollen’s illicit relationship was exposed after the latter gave birth. The Manica Post reports that a friend of the family who is also a prophet had earlier on exposed the two’s shenanigans. Mollen, however, dismissed the “prophecy” and denied the taboo affair.

She only confessed to the affair after she gave birth to the child, following questioning by her parents.

The two were summoned to the traditional court by Chief Mutambara after he learned of the cultural taboo. 

Appearing before the court, Mollen confirmed the relationship and insisted that the two are in love.  

“I slept with him three times and it was consensual because we are in love. We found nothing amiss with the affair. We slept together on three different occasions, once when my mother was around, another time when she had gone to fetch water and lastly when she had gone to church.”

Belt who is also married to someone else said the same and insisted that he is in love with his brother’s daughter.

The traditional leader said that he needed more time to consult widely before handing out his judgement on the matter. He noted that historically, couples who engage in incestuous relationships are banished from the area.

Chief Mutambara, meanwhile, ordered Mollen and Belt to end their sexual relationship.  

“These two are blood relatives and we are in a dilemma on how to preside over this issue. What is more shocking is that, before my reign, Belt’s father committed a similar offence and had an affair with his daughter. It was reported and the matter was dealt with and fortunately, there was no child sired.

“Traditionally when such things happen in the Mutambara area, the couple and their children will be banished from the area.” 


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